The MCS Eagle 40 Inkjet offers ultra-high-speed imaging up to 43,000 PPH, variable drop size grayscale imaging with optional PDF, low ink cost and a solid 4.25″ print area. It is perfect for high-speed addressing, tag printing, forms printing and barcode printing. The MCS Eagle family of inkjets offer state-of-the-art Kyocera Piezo technology to image at high-speeds with great flexibility.

  • Ultra-high-speed imaging up to 43,000 PPH
  • Variable drop size grayscale imaging with optional PDF
  • Low ink cost
  • Solid 4.25″ print area

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Technical Specs

Print Area

4.25″ up to 34″

Max Pieces Per Hour

600 DPI: 21,000 PPH
400 DPI: 32,000 PPH
300 DPI: 43,000 PPH
200 DPI: 65,000 PPH
150 DPI: 87,000 PPH

Native Vertical Resolution

600 DPI

Drop Size

5, 7 or 12 PL

Types of Inks

Dye, pigments, polymer pigments

Inkjet Technology

Kyocera piezo water based inkjet technology


MCS Osprey
MCS Falcon

Software Features

  • Supports any combination of MCS inkjet technology
  • Windows 10 64-bit & Windows 7 64-bit compatible
  • MCS Perfect Match 10 tracking system seamless communication
  • Remote job set-up, site license included
  • Advanced electronic PDF print proofing
  • Unlimited conditional bitmaps
  • Graphic rotation and scaling
  • 19 Barcodes supported
  • Optional PDF workflow
  • Optional My Font – Randomized Handwriting Font
  • Optional SQL data link for real time data collection