MCS TK17 -30 -40 -40D Inkjet Web Printing System

TK 1730: Low cost, high-quality, page printing on web presses
TK 1740: High quality, high-speed, page printing on web presses

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Product Description

The MCS TK 1730 and TK 1740 Inkjet Web Systems are engineered to maximize the print quality of MCS inkjet print heads
on web based systems. The TK 1730 and TK 1740 work with most existing web
configurations including presses, bindery lines, or standalone systems.


With MCS Eagle large print width, the TK 17 is ideal for:

  • Solid 8 1/2” page printing at an affordable price
  • High-speed
  • Low imaging costs that are 75% to 95% less than toner
  • 600 dpi quality *variable drop size quality w/ PDF option on TK 1740