MCS Perfect Match 10 Industrial Tracking System

Designed to increase integrity and productivity in many mail processes, there are three simple reasons that hundreds of customers rely on the MCS Perfect Match 10 for mail and document matching; ease of use, 100% accountability, and modularity.

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Product Description
The miniature MicroVision cameras allow the most flexibility to fit into tight spaces for codes in difficult-to-read locations. The software allows for easy operation and high productivity.

This MCS Perfect Match 10 is compatible with most inserters, tip on machines and all MCS inkjet technologies.


  • 12 maximum number of cameras.
  • Seamless read-and-print capability.
  • Data logging including time, date, piece destination status, piece removal, piece ID, operator name, etc.
  • Ability to read 1D, 2D Barcodes and OCR Fonts.
  • File audit capability.
  • Compatible with most All inserters, card attaching systems, web presses.