High quality imaging for plastic and films.

The MCS Osprey 72 UV Inkjet offers 72 pl drop size and 400 dpi quality. This system is perfect for white ink and ideal for plastic cards, solid fills & large characters.

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Product Description

The MCS Osprey is a 2 1/2” solid print head utilizing Fuji piezo inkjet technology. The MCS Osprey inkjet system offers high-speed production and stitch-less high-quality graphics capabilities at operating speeds of 24,000pph (#10 envelopes) at 400x400dpi.


Print Area – 2 ½ “ up to 34”
Inkjet Technology – Piezo inkjet technology
Native Vertical Resolution – 400 dpi
Drop Size – 26 or 72pl
Types of Inks – Pigment UV curable including white ink
Compatibility with other MCS Inkjets – Falcon, Eagle