MCS Falcon Inkjet Printer

The Falcon is the third generation of HP-Based inkjet systems from MCS and is the most flexible inkjet in the industry.

Building on a foundation of more than 3,000 printers serving customers worldwide, the Falcon is the overwhelming low-cost choice for industrial inkjet printing.

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Product Description

With the robust industrial print cartridge technology from HP, this newest print head family offers quality printing characteristics with all new value opportunities for industrial printers. Replaceable print cartridges allow for fast response to changing job requirements such as aqueous coated stocks, spot colors and situations requiring special inks.


  • 600 DPI Enhanced Technology Rasterization™ (ETR).
  • Up to 24” of Falcon Print width and up to a total of 25” of print width including Eagle Systems.
  • Non-Proprietary Gigabit Ethernet connectivity.
  • Optional PDF Workflow.
  • Advanced WYSIWYG job layout, Remote Job Setup and Electronic Print Proofing.
  • Advanced Variable graphics and text.