MCS Eagle FlexPrint Inkjet Printer

The MCS Eagle FlexPrint offers performance similar to UV inkjets with the flexibility of water-based inks.

Speed, quality, print width and ink cost make the MCS Eagle FlexPrint the most advanced inkjet in the mailing and printing industry. The MCS FlexPrint can easily address mail at over 30,000 pieces per hour, at 600DPI. The permanent piezo head offers the lowest total cost of imaging at 600DPI.

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Product Description
The MCS Eagle FlexPrint is perfect for high-speed addressing, tag printing, forms printing and barcode printing.

One Eagle head can be used to produce self-mailers with advertising techniques such as store locator maps at a very low imaging cost.

Two or more Eagle heads can replace laser applications, including laser letters and forms, with 40% to 90% lower cost and a faster production rate.

High-speed – 600 x 300 DPI at 500 feet per min (over 30,000 pieces per hour).

High Quality – True Native 600 DPI quality.

Wide Solid Print Area – Solid 4.25″ print head, increase production rates by feeding pieces long-edge and print large areas without stitch marks.

Low Imaging Cost – Smaller drop size means less ink used and less ink cost.