MCS Eagle 40 Inkjet

Ultra-High speed inkjet solution with variable drop size grayscale option.

The MCS Eagle 40 Inkjet offers ultra-high-speed imaging up to 43,000pph, variable drop size grayscale imaging with optional PDF, low ink cost and a solid 4 ¼” print area.

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Product Description
The MCS Eagle 40 Inkjet is perfect for high-speed addressing, tag printing, forms printing and barcode printing

The MCS Eagle family of inkjets offer state-of-the-art Kyocera Piezo technology to image at high-speeds
with great flexibility. Speed, quality, print width and ink cost make the MCS Eagles the most advanced
inkjets in the mail manufacturing industry


Print Area –  4 ¼” up to 34″
Inkjet Technology –  Kyocera piezo water based inkjet technology
Native Vertical Resolution –  600dpi
Drop Size –  5, 7 or 12pl
Types of Inks – Dye, pigments, polymer pigments
Compatibility with other MCS Inkjets – Falcon, Osprey