Speed, quality, print width and ink cost make the MCS FlexPrint the most advanced inkjet in the mailing and printing industries. In today’s market, it pays to be efficient. The MCS FlexPrint can easily address mail at over 30,000 PPH at 600 DPI. The permanent piezo head offers the lowest total cost of imaging at 600 DPI.

  • True native 600 DPI quality
  • Increase production rates by feeding pieces long-edge
  • Print large areas without stitch markst
  • Smaller drop size, less ink used

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Technical Specs

Head Configurations

4.25″: Up to 4 heads from 1 PC
8.5″: Up to 2 heads from 1 PC
12.75″: Multiple combinations possible

Max Pieces Per Hour

600 DPI: 250′ per minute
400 DPI: 375′ per minute
300 DPI: 500′ per minute
200 DPI: 750′ per minute

Native Vertical Resolution

600 DPI

Drop Size

7 to 18 PL

Software Features

  • Supports any combination of MCS inkjet technology
  • Windows 10 64-bit & Windows 7 64-bit compatible
  • MCS Perfect Match 10 tracking system seamless communication
  • Remote job set-up, site license included
  • Advanced electronic PDF print proofing
  • Unlimited conditional bitmaps
  • Graphic rotation and scaling
  • 19 Barcodes supported
  • Optional PDF workflow
  • Optional My Font – Randomized Handwriting Font
  • Optional SQL data link for real time data collection