Aztech ECL Series Booklet Diecutting & Finishing

Improve efficiency and reduce scrap waste with the Aztech ECL Series of offline booklet onserting and die cutting systems.

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Product Description

The Aztech ECL Series is available in 13″ (330mm) and 16″ (406mm) wide models, and may be configured with either Longford or Multifeeder Surge Feeder Systems.


  • Dual-Servo precision web re-registration system with electronic sensor, and user-friendly touch screen control panel.
  • Capable of applying booklets up to .5″ (12.7 mm) in book thickness
  • 30″ (762mm) diameter Unwind, 3″ diameter inflatable spindle, Splice Table and pneumatically controlled disk brake with Automatic End-of-Roll Shutoff
  • (2) 28″ (711mm) diameter pneumatically inflatable
  • (2) Fully-supported Invertible Rotary Die Stations complete with fully hardened anvil rolls and die blocks.
  • 26″ (660 mm) diameter Top-Side Lamination Tower with 3″ diameter inflatable spindle Accuweb Ultrasonic web guide for processing both clear and opaque materials.
  • (2) 26″ (660 mm) diameter pneumatic Waste Windups.
  • Adjustable 3-Point Support Table and Operator Inspection Table.
  • Pneumatic die disengage system for preventing die damage in event of booklet misplace.
  • Razor Slitting Station Module
  • Conveyor and stacker adaptable for roll-to-sheet die cutting