Aztech E-Z Tilt 600 Large Roll Tilt System

A simple, inexpensive and effortless solution for lifting, tilting, and transporting large and heavy roll products weighing up to 600 pounds.

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Product Description

The E-Z Tilt with its robust all-steel construction and fully mechanical design is an invaluable product that will provide your company years of safe and dependable service.


  • Reduces workplace back injuries and material damage
  • 600-lbs. Max. Lift and Tilt • 40-Inch Max. Roll Diameter
  • 26-Inch Max. Roll Width
  • Available with Powered or Mechanical Lift/Tilt
  • Easy operation and mobility allowing it to be used virtually anyplace in your work environment
  • Side-Shift Lever for precise core boom adjustment
  • Automatically activated safety brake
  • 44-Inch wide leg clearance to straddle most standard pallets
  • Custom design and fabrication available