Aztech DieMaster High-Speed Rotary Die-Cutting System

The Aztech DieMaster modular high-speed rotary die-cutting system is designed to make your company more profitable in the competitive unprinted label and tag market.

Equipped with a 40″ diameter unwind station, precise die-to-die registration, and dual rewind spindles, the DieMaster is able to diecut and finished roll rewind in a single pass, far outperforming conventional converting methods.

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Product Description

The DieMaster is available in 13″ (330mm) & 18″ (457mm) wide models. With the optional die/tool adapter, it is able to accommodate almost any 1/8CP rotary tools and dies.


  • Lower Capital Equipment Cost
  • Lower Maintenance Costs
  • Single Pass Finished Roll Processing Significantly Reduces Labor Hours
  • Does Not Require A Skilled Press Operator, Significantly Decreases Hourly Labor Rates
  • Small Work Area For Total Operator Control From Unwind To Rewind
  • Less Material Waste Faster Turnaround Of Orders